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Linked Audio VIdeo
Fayetteville, AR.


"We used Justin for the install of a new digital television and
sound system both indoors and outdoors.  His price was fair,
his workmanship sound, and his after install customer service is EXCELLENT.  I heartily recommend Justin and Linked A/V." 

       - Tom Lundstrum

It is my great pleasure to recommend Linked:A/V and Justin Dysart. I have been working with Justin for over a year and I believe he is the most customer focused and knowledgeable home electronics expert in Northwest Arkansas. Justin consistently is able to diagnose issues and quickly provide solutions. If you are planning on purchasing a home theatre system or any audio/video equipment, I would recommend calling Linked:A/V as a first step.

       - Tim Gilster

I can highly recommend Justin & Linked in Audio. Justin took time to meet me, fully understand my needs (and budget) and then make simple, easy to understand recommendations. He worked on my timescales (coming out to the home multiple times) was always on time & the communication in-between was brilliant. The actual installation has exceeded by expectations. The choices he made are absolutely fantastic & the actual end product has blown me away. He goes above & beyond to ensure you have everything you need & I just could not be happier. A true professional.

       - Matt Parry


Welcome to Linked Audio Video
We are a full service Home Audio / Video / Electronics company based in Fayetteville, AR and servicing all of NW Arkansas. We offer a large selection of top quality products and have the knowledge to properly install and integrate those products into your home for easy operation and years of enjoyable use. Our focus is on customer service and whether you are doing a Theater Room, Surround Sound, or need a TV installed on your wall you will receive top notch customer service from Linked Audio Video.

What's Hot at Linked Audio Video
Home automation is becoming more and more popular and Linked Audio Video has solutions to automate and simplify your homes HVAC, Lighting, Security, Audio/Video, and Other Systems. We focus on affordable and easy to use solutions.

Here are the Top 10 Ideas for Automation at your home.

1. Control all the lighting around your home with a single remote control and/or app.
2. Set up lighting scenes for Party's, Nighttime, Vacation, and More.
3. Have Lights around your home come on at Sunset and go back off at Sundown.
4. Setup easy alarms to wake up the kids with the touch of a button.
5. Set timmers for pools, fish tanks, hot tubs, and more.
6. Control what time and the amout of time that certain Televisions can watch TV at your home. Example would be that your child is only allowed 20hrs of TV per week or only certain hours each day.
7. Automaticly check front door, back door, and garage door to make shure they are shut and locked.
8. Set your home security system and lock or unlock your front door from anywhere you have internet access.
9. When you arrive after dark your lighting system can illuminate a pathway into your home for safety.
10. View and control your security camera system from your TV's and Mobile Devices.

Why Choose Linked Audio Video for your Home Theater or other project
We take the time to get to know you and your project. We want to make sure you understand what is going on each step of the way. It doesn't matter if you are doing a new home with a dedicated home theater or you just need a pair of speakers replaced, there is a process to it and you should feel good knowing that when the Home Theater is complete or the speakers replaced that the job was done right and that you will be able to work the syste. Your home is where you spend the majority of your time and that time should be enjoyed with your family and friends. So make sure you call Linked Audio Video for your next Home Theater Experiance, Speaker replacement, TV installation, Home Network (WiFi), or Automation project.


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